Apple Updates iPhone 4 Support Page

Apple has released a troubleshooting support page for users of its new iPhone 4.

The page is aimed at helping users to identify and fix any problems affecting the newly launched device and has been launched in response to many users reporting a number of issues with the new iPhone.

Apple updated its online support page with 5 new sections - hardware troubleshooting, inability to use data services, MMS troubleshooting, tips for transferring photos to a computer and help with accessories.

Through this Apple support page, users can rectify problems regarding the Facetime video chat application and audio problems.

The troubleshooting page will also help the users in finding solutions for short battery life, non-functioning cameras and problems with their phone calls.

Apple is also set to release the iOS 4.01 update next week, to fix the antenna design flaw that results in low network reception when then device is held in users' left hands.