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GeIL unveils Evo Two overclockers' memory

The enthusiast memory wizards over at GeIL in Taiwan have just launched a new flagship line of dual-channel memory that can hit speeds of up to 2.5GHz.

The new Evo Two DDR3 series picks up from the original Evo One DDR2 range, and features a similar heatsink design. However, while Evo One sticks featured a central opening in the heatspreader containing a set of heatsink fins, the Evo Two modules feature two sets of red fins on the left and right.

A wide variety of kits will be available, covering dual-channel and triple-channel configurations with anything from a 2GB set of two 1GB modules to a full 12GB set of six 2GB modules. The speeds also range from PC3-8500 (1,066MHz) to PC3-20000 (2.5GHz), although you can currently only get the top speed in dual-channel kits.

GeIL's top-line dual-channel set of 4GB modules matches the 2.5GHz clock speed with latency timings of 9-11-9-27, although it hasn't yet confirmed what voltage this will require. As a point of comparison, Patriot's recently announced Sector Five modules run at exactly the same settings using a voltage between 1.65V and 1.7V.

The company is also introducing a low-latency PC3-16000 (2GHz) set, which the company says will run at tight timings of just 6-9-6-24. GeIL claims that it's fully tested the modules on an EVGA P55 FTW 200 motherboard using a Core i7 860 CPU.

Meanwhile, overclockers using triple-channel X58 motherboards will have to settling with a maximum PC3-16000 (2GHz) bandwidth, with kits running at CAS9 at a voltage of 1.65V.