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Germany Demands Truth Over Apple Data Gathering

The German justice minister has demanded that Apple informs her exactly what data it is collecting from users of its products, and what it intends to do with it.

According to German privacy laws, it is illegal to collect user data, including details of a users's geographical location and web browsing, without the user's consent.

Ms Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger has asked Apple to clarify to state data protection officials exactly what data they have been gathering from Apple product users in Germany.

She said: "Users of iPhones and other GPS devices must be aware of what kind of information about them is being collected.”

"Apple has the obligation to properly implement the transparency so often promised by Mr Steve Jobs", she added.

Apple's recent revision of its privacy policy, which came with the launch of Apple's new iOS 4 operating system, allows the Cupertino-based company and its partners to collect and share the exact location data of all iTunes and App Store users.