Google goes back to Chinese drawing board

Dodgy snooping outfit Google said it has come up with a 'new approach' in dodgy snooping country China, as it tries to both shoe-horn its way into the People's Republic and stay friends with the CIA.

Google started redirecting search inquiries from mainland China to a site in Hong Kong in an effort - it said - to deliver 'uncensored' search results to its Chinese users. But that tactic has also fallen foul of the Chinese authorities. So, having apparently spent at least, ooh, thirty seconds back at the drawing board, it now tells users to redirect themselves to Hong Kong rather automagically do it for them.

Google's licence to do business in China expires tomorrow but there's no telling what will happen then. In our view from far across the briny waters, China will simply tell the US search outfit to blog off.

China has a decent search engine in Baidu, whose operators do what they are told. We can't see folk standing in front of tanks in Tianamen Square just so that they can have the privilege of having Google snoop on them from a great distance.

On the other hand, a big bag of cash can often work wonders in these sorts of circumstance.