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Google Launches Docs for Mobile Devices

Search giant Google has released a mobile version of its Google Docs viewer.

In addition to standard plain text and RTF formats, the new viewer allows users to view .doc, .docx, .ppt and .pdf files on their smartphone devices, uploaded into users' document lists at

Currently Google Docs can only open files in read-only mode, but the company has said that it will soon be adding editing features to Google Docs for mobiles.

Until now, smartphone users could only use the desktop browser version of Google Docs on their mobile, making it difficult for them to work on their documents.

The new mobile-compatible Google Docs will allow users to access their files without the need to download them, and let users to pinch zoom to view their files more clearly.

Google hopes that by launching a mobile-specific version of Google Docs, its web-based applications will be more easily accessible on tablet PCs, especially those running Apple's iOS 4 and Google's Android operating systems.