HP Tightens Network Security For Virtual Machines

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has released sophisticated new security solutions for physical and virtual environments to prevent data leaks from a converged infrastructure.

The new security solutions are aimed at providing a secure environment for its HP FlexFabric data centre networking technology, by delivering comprehensive data protection across both physical and virtual environments.

HP believes that virtual environments face the same threats as physical data centres, and, with the increased deployment of virtual machines in organisations, the likelihood of security breaches is accelerating.

The company has released the HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF) software suite designed to protect virtual machines from network security threats.

The security software suite includes the TippingPoint Virtual Controller (vController) which provides TippingPoint security from a physical environment to virtual networks via the TippingPoint N-Platform Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

HP said that the vController scans the network traffic moving from one VM to another, and from VMs to traditional servers.

It also reduces deployment complexities and simplifies management of network security.