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IE 6 Safer Than Chrome Or Opera, Says US Bank

US-based banking giant Chase has declared that Microsoft's ageing Internet Explorer 6 web browser still offers better security for users than Google Chrome and Opera.

The bank has announced that its online services will continue to support IE6, but will drop support for Chrome and Opera, citing issues of security and the realtively low popularity of the software.

Chase also added that although it still planned to support IE6, it would advise clients to move to Internet Explorer 8.

Mozilla's Firefox 2.0 and Apple Safari 3.0 are also supported by the bank.

The company said in a statement: “There are dozens of browsers in use today, but not all offer the minimum levels of security that we require while others may not perform well with our site. The security of your accounts and private information is one of our highest priorities and some browsers, especially older versions, are simply higher security risks to use with our site.”

Although IE6 has received Chase's backing, Microsoft itself has recently distanced itself from the browser, with its Australian arm comparing the nine-year-old software to rancid milk, and has advised users to upgrade to newer versions.