Microsoft: Kinect Will Be A Hit with Hardcore Gamers

Microsoft has announced that it believes the Kinect motion-sensing games peripheral for the Xbox 360 console will appeal first to hardcore gamers.

Kinect enables gamers to control Xbox 360 games using just the movements of their bodies.

Microsoft says the motion-sensing peripheral, which it launched to compete against market-leader Nintendo's Wii console and the newly released Sony PlayStation Move controller, is targeted towards those hardcore gamers who spend hours on their consoles.

Microsoft's worldwide head of product marketing, Ryan Moore, stated: "I think we know that hardcore gamers will be the first to go out and buy it, as they are with any product. So we know we have to have a wide range of experiences, from things like animals games to games that are more geared towards the core."

Currently the majority of the Kinect game titles demonstrated at E3, such as Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Adventure are aimed at casual gamers, and resemble those available for Ninendo's Wii.