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News@10: Motorola Droid 2, Nintendo 3DS & Google Me

Motorola has announced that its Droid 2 Android-based smartphone will be released in the US on 23 August, available from Verizon Wireless. Previously, the company had announced that it would be released on 19 July.

Search giant Google has released a mobile version of its Google Docs viewer. In addition to standard plain text and RTF formats, the new viewer allows users to view .doc, .docx, .ppt and .pdf files on their smartphone.

The release date for Nintendo's revolutionary 3DS handheld 3D games console has been put back until 2011. The 3DS console was unveiled during the E3 conference, but Reggie Fils-Aime, American president of Nintendo stated that 3DS console would not go on sale until next year.

Google is apparently preparing to launch a new social networking service to compete with Facebook. According to a tweet by Digg founder Kevin Rose, Google plans to launch a service named Google Me in the near future.

Dell has started to sell its Streak tablet for as little as £449 unlocked. According to the manufacturer's updated website, customers are limited to only two units each.