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News@5: PS3 Firmware Update, Kinect & Google's 'New Approach' To China

The German justice minister has demanded that Apple informs her exactly what data it is collecting from users of its products, and what it intends to do with it. According to German privacy laws, it is illegal to collect user data, including details of a users's geographical location and web browsing, without the user's consent.

Microsoft has announced that it believes the Kinect motion-sensing games peripheral for the Xbox 360 console will appeal first to hardcore gamers. Kinect enables gamers to control Xbox 360 games using just the movements of their bodies.

Google has announced it will be taking a "new approach" in order to continue operating in China. The Chinese government has warned the company that it could lose its licence to operate within the country if doesn't stop redirecting users to its uncensored Hong Kong site.

Sony has released the new system software update v3.04 for its PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console. The update will bring Facebook integration to the console, as well as launching Sony's new premium PlayStation Network.

German security experts have warned that cyber criminals are targeting popular instant messaging services to spreading spam and procure account information from unsuspecting users.