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Nokia drops Symbian

Nokia has made public it will stop deploying Symbian on its N Series handsets, instead the Finnish phone makers will be using MeeGo as the main platform for their flagship mobiles. MeeGo is the joint operating system venture by Nokia and Intel, by the merging of their two Linux platforms of Maemo and Moblin, respectively.

The last flagship Nokia mobile phone that could be running Symbian^3 may be their upcoming Nokia N8, where the last MeeGo or Maemo derivative handset was their N900 tablet, unveiled at Nokia World last September.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year Nokia and Intel jointly announced MeeGo, where they are expecting the OS to be used across phones, netbooks and tablets such as the N900.

Nokia's Symbian^3 N8 is due out in the next few months, where the 3.5-inch touch screen Nokia N8 will feature a 12 megapixel camera that is capable of HD video recording. Symbian is still expected to be used by Nokia, but only on their mid-tier ranges downwards with their flagship handsets now only running MeeGo.

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