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Nokia Gives Apple Lesson On Phone Holding

Finnish manufacturer Nokia has published a step by step tutorial, clearly aimed at the recent discussion surrounding issues related to poor signal linked to antenna issues and reported by scores of early iPhone 4 adopters.

The post, which appeared on the company's official blog, is entitled "how do you hold your Nokia?" and shows four different ways of gripping your favourite mobile phone, each of which apparently guarantee that signal reception will remain robust throughout.

To add insult to injury, Nokia added that whether you're left-handed or right-handed, there's no shortage of ways to hold your handset, a clear allusion to the complaints that an association of left-handers have issued.

But in a classic kettle/pot situation, Nokia is not unfamiliar to reception problems as well as a search on Google (or indeed Youtube) for "nokia signal issues" brings up thousands of links. Furthermore, some Nokia phones have come with instructions that warn users about the risk of signal loss if the phone's antenna was obstructed.

Apple's apparent misfortunes however should detract from the fact that the iPhone 4 has been extremely successful with more than 1.7 million phones sold during the first 72 hours, that's 66 phones sold every 10 seconds.