Seagate Launches $250 3TB External Hard Drive

Storage giant Seagate has announced the launch of a 3TB external hard disk drive as part of the new FreeAgent GoFlex family and shows a clear trend of launching new hard disk drives as external models first and before flogging them as internal models.

The 3TB drive will be able to house 120 high definition movies, 1500 video games, thousands of photos and possibly around one million sound tracks. The drive comes by default with a USB 2.0 interface which can be upgraded to USB 3.0 or FireWire 800 should there be a need for something more substantial.

Seagate confirmed the existence of a 3TB hard disk drive to our sister website, ThinQ, back in May 2010 and did underline the issues associated with the LBA (Logical Block Addressing) standard that forms the cornerstone of PC storage management and dates back to 30 years ago.

The device is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms and incorporates some specific technology that allows it to overcome the Windows HDD limitation of 2.1TB. The 3TB external hard disk drive will also come with Memeo backup software and carries a selling price of $250 in the US.