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Details Of Windows 8 OS Leaked On Internet

Details of Microsoft's plans for its Windows 8 operating system has been leaked on the internet.

A PowerPoint document, allegedly part of a Microsoft presentation given to a Hewlett-Packard executive and dated April 2010, indicates that Windows 8 will include support for facial recognition technology and will be compatible with tablet computers.

The UK's Daily Telegraph reports that the source of the original leak has been removed from the internet, but tech blog

Microsoft Kitchen has posted a detailed analysis and screenshots of the presentation.

According to the leaked presentation, Microsoft is focusing on reducing the time it takes for Windows to start up time, as well as providing a one-touch restore button that will return the PC to its default settings without deleting any user information.

The Windows 8 OS will also come with a Microsoft Marketplace application store and the new Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

Microsoft windows 8 is expected to be released in 2012.