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£300 Toshiba REGZA 32XV635 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview

The 32xv635 features REGZA XV picture processing with Resolution+ technology to enhance edge detail; bringing near high definition quality to standard signals.

Images are clearer, sharper and richer. In addition to this, the 32xv635 features Active Vision 100Hz technology for a smoother image and seamless motion.

Auto View uses an ambient light sensor to constantly adjust LCDs backlight for superior contrast.

Controlling all these functions is Toshiba's unique Meta Brain system. This powerful processor acts with speed and precision to ensure you get the very best picture quality at all times, whatever the material.

In terms of sound quality we would, as ever, recommend a separate home cinema system, however Toshiba has made an effort to provide a spacious and detailed sound. In addition to Bass Boost and Dolby Digital the 32xv635 has Audyssey EQ for the ideal sound in your specific room. Dolby volume control prevents the annoying difference in volume levels between programs and commercials.

The Toshiba 32xv635 continues to impress with its standard connections. Four HDMI sockets are standard as are two SCART sockets - many rivals now just offer a single SCART.

Component, S-Video, VGA PC and headphone sockets are included as is a USB socket for showing video clips and photos on TV from your media device.

Not content with its highly competitive performance and class-leading connections, the 32xv635 is also one of the greenest TVs in its class. A full power down option saves wasteful standby current, whilst the special Eco Panel uses around 40% less power than a conventional LCD screen.

You can buy the Toshiba REGZA 32XV635 (opens in new tab) 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview from Richersounds for only £300.

Désiré Athow

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