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Apple hiring iPhone antenna engineers

Apple is looking for three new antenna engineers to work on the iPhone.

Serioulsy folks. We're not making this up. The three separate positions were listed yesterday for full-time jobs working at the company's Santa Clara campus on wireless systems for the company's mobile handsets, as well as the iPad.

The job description (opens in new tab) says that the successful applicant will: "Define and implement antenna system architecture to optimise the radiation performance for wireless portable devices."

That is until Apple's legendary Brit designer Jony Ive decides that looking pretty and being made out of expensive shiny stuff is much more important than any of that 'making phone calls' nonsense.

The job description continues: "The candidate should be able to design antennas suitable for wireless handheld devices with excellent radiation performance, including TRP, TIS, SAR, and EMC. Work closely with other RF and antenna design engineers, mechanical and industrial designers, and EMC engineers to integrate the antenna design in our products.

"The candidate will be expected to performance radiation performance measurements, create test plans, execute them, publish test reports, provide feedback to the other design engineers, and lead some of the manufacturing of antenna."

The company is looking for antenna engineers with a PhD, ten or more years working with RF, and at least five years of design experience.

Oddly, being able to use Excel is also a requirement. So much for iWork (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.