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Cisco Makes Homes and Offices Greener

Cisco has announced new energy management solutions for the home and office, aimed at increasing the company's share of the emerging 'smart grid' and green technologies market.

Marthin De Beer, the vice president of Cisco's emerging technologies group, said: "Cisco can help its utility customers to make the grid smarter. For enterprise customers there is an equally big opportunity for them to optimise their spend on one of their highest expense items and be environmentally pro-active and responsible."

De Beer said that the Cisco Home Energy Management Solution, which will include a Home Energy Controller (CGH-100) tablet device, will help users to better manage their energy consumption at home.

The Network Building Mediator Manager 6300 and the Network Building Mediator 3.1 for the office are designed to manage power within office buildings.

Referring to the business mediator technology as energy routing technology, De Beer said: "The Building Manager solution gives us scale beyond just a single building and allows you to manage hundreds or thousands of buildings from a single location."