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Facebook downed BP protest page 'by mistake'

Facebook said the temporary disablement of one of its pages that calls for a boycott of oil-slick meister BP was all a terrible mistake.

Facebook spokesfolk blamed the disappearence of the page on its automated systems, which apparently go bananas every now and then.

Annika Heinle told CNN: "The administrative profile of the BP Boycott page was disabled by our automated systems, therefore removing all the content that had been created by the profile.

"After a manual review, we determined the profile was removed in error, and it now has been restored along with the page."

The Boycott BP page has garnered support from over 740,000 'likers'. These are urged to "Boycott BP stations until the spill is cleaned up". The page was disappeared for some time yesterday, redirecting vistors to Facebook's home page. They were understandably miffed and sniffed a conspiracy.

BP said it had no mucky hand in the outage