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HTC rolls out updates to their handsets

HTC has begun to roll out updates to their handsets running the Google OS, these are on the HTC Hero and the HTC phone made for Google – the Nexus One. These firmware updates bring the mobile phones up to Android 2.1 and also ‘Froyo’, or version 2.2 on the Nexus.

The HTC Hero initially shipped with version 1.5 of Android, where the Over The Air update will bring the current version of 2.1 to the device. However, the update only appears to be for unlocked or SIM free handsets at present, with the individual mobile phone networks rolling out the new Android version over the next few weeks.

HTC’s mobile phone made for the Internet search engine giant Google will be the first mobile to be updated to the very latest 2.2 ‘Froyo’ version of Android. The Google Nexus One will also receive an Over The Air update message, although running the update over WIFI would be preferable due to the firmware’s size just as it would be with the Hero.

Other HTC handsets such as the Legend, Desire and Wildfire are due to receive the 2.2 update at the start of July we’ve been informed, with the HTC Sense overlay to Android being credited for the slight delay as it’s heavily wrapped around Android.

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