Hulu Launches $9.99 Subscription Service

Online video streaming site Hulu has confirmed that it will launch its Hulu Plus premium service for computers, iPads, iPhones, games consoles and televisions.

Hulu Plus is set to cost users $9.99 per month, a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite subscriptions, and will allow subscribers to access classic episodes and entire seasons on demand.

Both the free and paid for services will have advertising and Hulu has signed up Nissan and Bud Light, as the sponsors for the introduction of the paid site.

Jason Kilar, Hulu chief executive, stated in his blog: “We believe that any lasting solution to the challenge of making TV show discovery and viewing dramatically easier has to work for all three of our customers, and those are our end users, our advertisers, and our content suppliers."

He also stated that shows that were free before the launch of the premium service would remain free.

Hulu Plus will begin as an invitation only service. The company has not yet announced when the subscription service will be available to all.