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iPhone 4 Maker Advertises For Antenna Engineers

Apple is looking for experienced antenna engineers to cure its iPhone 4 reception problems, according to its Jobs At Apple website.

In the new job advert, Apple has specifically asked for an RF system Validation engineer.

The job description states that applicants "Must have strong problem-solving skills and strong working knowledge of radiation performance. Antenna and wave propagation theoretical background is essential."

The job listing also specified that the company was looking for engineers with 10 years experience, who must hold a Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (MSEE) qualification.

The ad states that the successful applicant will need to "Define and implement antenna system architecture to optimise the radiation performance for wireless portable devices."

The new iPhone 4 smartphone launch has been marred by consumers complaints over reception problems when holding the device in a certain way, yellow screen discolouration, reversed volume buttons and touchscreen issues.

Previously, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had told users affected by these reception issues to learn to hold their iPhone a different way, or buy themselves a £25 bumper cover accessory.