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Kindle eBook reader comes to Android

Amazon has just brought its Kindle book reader application to the Android Market place, free of charge for everyone to use with a handset running that OS. This software now offers the same functionality as their hardware version of the Kindle eBook reader only on a mobile phone instead, saving the need to carry around two devices at all times.

The application on Android now joins other mobile devices such as the Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and the Apple iTouch. Android users now have the same access to 620,000 books on Amazon for the Kindle, where they can even download the first chapter for free before deciding to buy the book.

As with the other mobile phones and devices, the software uses the colour screen of the handset, where traditionally the Kindle hardware readers use a monochrome screen that doesn’t offer the same reading experience.

Android Kindle users operate the software in the much the same way as the hardware reader, where their own Amazon account is used for buying the book over the air where it’s delivered the same way within seconds.

Visit Amazon’s Android Kindle website (opens in new tab) for more information, or download the app from the Android Market.

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