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Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Takes Off

Microsoft's cloud computing service Windows Azure has already attracted thousands of users, despite only launching six months ago.

Azure provides users with scalable computing power and storage, as well as offering a number of online services run from Microsoft data centres.

Launched as a premium subscription service in February, Azure has held on to the custom of many companies even after their free trial period has expired.

With the introduction of Azure, Microsoft will be looking to increase their software-as-a-service presence to help its enterprise customers aiming to develop computing infrastructure based in the cloud.

In an interview carried out by Tim Fergueson of, Bob Muglia, president of the Server and Tools Business (STB) at Microsoft, stated that "Now there's a lot of people kicking tyres on it of course and they're continuing to do that, but we've seen a very high conversion rate [from the free to paid-for live service].”