New Network Technology Boosts Indoor Phone Reception

Wireless technology maker MobileAccess has joined up with network giant Cisco to announce a new network technology designed to improve indoor mobile phone reception in office buildings.

The solution uses copper cables integrated into local area networks (LANs) to send enhanced RF signals, and works alongside Cisco Wi-Fi networks.

The companies said that their solution would improve reception in buildings with a large number of mobile phones, such as hospitals, hotels, schools and large organisations.

In a statement, a spokesperson for MobileAccess said: "In delivering this integrated solution to enterprise customers, MobileAccess and Cisco will work closely with a number of wireless service providers to provision the cellular component of the solution."

MobileAccess explained that the solution is designed to send RF signals from MobileAccessVE to Cisco CAT-5/6 Ethernet LAN infrastructure, allowing enterprise users to add enhanced mobile phone coverage without affecting the LAN or wired traffic.

The company said that it was already working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) information technology team to install the reception enhancing solutions in MIT buildings.