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News@5: iPhone Touchscreen Troubles, Cisco's Green Solutions & LCD Price Fixing

A consumer poll conducted by IT magazine PC Advisor has revealed that a more than a quarter of smartphone users own an Apple iPhone. 25.3 per cent of smartphone users own an Apple iPhone, indicating a significant growth in the device's user base.

iPhone 4 users have reported yet another problem with their device - a faulty proximity sensor. The sensor is designed to shut down the iPhone's touchscreen when the device is held close to the user's face or in a pocket.

IT giant IBM has teamed up with wireless technology maker WiSpry to create new micro-electromechanical machine systems (MEMS) technology and products based on tunable radio frequency (RF).

Cisco has announced new energy management solutions for the home and office, aimed at increasing the company's share of the emerging 'smart grid' and green technologies market.

Taiwan-based LCD screen maker HannStar Display has pleaded guilty to fixing the prices of monitors that use TFT-LCD technology. HannStar has agreed to a pay a fine of $30 million for its participation in a global cartel that ran from September 2001 to January 2006.