No four-player games for Kinect

Technical specifications for Microsoft's Kinect controllerless controller leaked by a retailer suggest that potential purchasers may be getting substantially less than they expected for their cash. has published specifications for the new hardware ahead of an official announcement from Microsoft, but if the leak is to be believed, some important aspects of the device's reported functionality have been significantly watered down.

Play says that the specs come direct from the manufacturer and, as such, until Microsoft makes a statement to the contrary, we have no reason to believe that they are anything less than accurate.

The new specs reveal that the retail hardware will be able to track 20 skeletal points per active player, as compared to the 48 points tracked by every demo thus far seen. It's not clear how this will effect the accuracy of the tracking, but we can only assume that less is faster in this case.'s information also reveals that, although the hardware can track six players at any given time, it can only track two 'active players' which puts a bit of a dampener on anyone expecting four-player party games to become a reality.

Kinect will be released in the US of A on November 4th either bundled with a console and a handful of games or on its own for around $150 according to informed estimates. The rest of the world will get a look-in when America has had its fill, as usual.

We have just noticed that UK retailer ShopTo has listed the Kinect at a UK price of £129.99 with a release date of November 19th.