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Nokia Doesn't Rule Out Android Partnership

Nokia hasn't given out of collaborating with Google's Android at some point in time according to the director of MeeGo at Nokia, Valtteri Halla.

Speaking to Fierce Developer, the head of the platform joint partnership at the Finnish telecommunications giant said that there will be a degree of corporation and convergence between Meego and Android going forward.

This, he added, represents an interesting opportunity to share investment, commonalities and compliances over time. Part of this will be addressed by making Qt, the cross platform development toolset, it got by acquiring last year, work much closer with Android.

Halla has also clearly indicated that Symbian is here to stay although Nokia has been showing signs of allegiance to MeeGo, which was created by combining its own Maemo with Intel's Moblin mobile platform.

He suggested that MeeGo would power the top of the range N series from now on while Symbian would be used for the more mainstream X Series. This would also see the launch of the Intel Atom Store at some point, one which will run concurrently with Nokia's own Ovi Store.

The reasoning behind Nokia's decision to support at least two platforms boils down to the fact that one platform is not enough to cover all bases in the mobile segment with a growing number of device formats - like tablets, hybrid smartphones, smartbooks - coming to the market.