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Red Hat Launches Cloud Foundations

Software maker Red Hat has launched its Red Hat Cloud Foundations cloud computing platform.

The software allows customers to create private clouds on x64 servers, and puts the company into direct competition with Microsoft by offering a comprehensive cloud computing platform.

Speaking at the Red Hat Summit last week, Scott Crenshaw, vice president and general manager of Red Hat's cloud business unit, said: "Microsoft has taken an approach to the cloud, not surprisingly, that is very proprietary in nature as it seeks to lock in its customers. Red Hat's roots are open in nature - all open, all open source, very different."

The Red Hat Cloud Foundations will allow clients to build infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service on private and public clouds.

Frank Feldman, director of business and technology solutions at Red Hat, stated: “With cloud foundations, customers can achieve the benefits of the cloud today with lower risk and simple, easy implementation.”

Feldman said that the Red Hat Cloud Foundations will enhance the appeal of the cloud by offering a simple and advanced set of development and deployment tools to its clients.

The platform will also facilitate greater integration with data centres and public clouds.