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Seagate 3TB Hard Drive To Sell For £178 Only

Seagate's PR has confirmed that the 3TB Freeagent GoFlex Seagate external hard disk drive will go on sale in the UK soon with a suggested retail price of £329 through selected retailers and online at

However, a quick search online brought up at least three websites that will offer the world's biggest hard disk drive on the market for as little as £177.18 including VAT at Lambdatek.

The STAC3000200 also offers one of the cheapest price per GB on the market. The cheapest 2TB hard disk drive, an external Western Digital Elements, is currently available for £95 at Amazon but the fact that Seagate's 3TB model comes with such a low price before launch means that further cuts aren't excluded.

Available in capacities ranging from 1TB to 3TB, the GoFlex Desk includes some nifty solution including the Seagate Dashboard, made by Memeo, which allows you to automatically backup your files and includes some nifty encryption software.

The drive, which comes with an optional Firewire 800 or USB 3.0 adaptor, carries a two year warranty. It will cost $250 in the US, roughly £161 in pound sterling and it is likely that HGST and Western Digital will announce similar drives in a near future.