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Touchscreen Troubles Add to Apple iPhone 4 Woes

iPhone 4 users have reported yet another problem with their device - a faulty proximity sensor.

The sensor is designed to shut down the iPhone's touchscreen when the device is held close to the user's face or in a pocket. Some users have found that, while the screen goes black, its touch-sensitivity remains functional, resulting in abrupt call hang-ups, initiating a conference call, attempts to start FaceTime conversations, or muting sound on the call.

The iPhone 4's proximity sensor flaw joins an embarrassingly long list of hardware problems with the device. Users have so far reported screens being affected by yellow discolouration, volume controls that work in reverse, and an issue with the phone's antenna that results in poor reception, depending on the way users hold the smartphone.

CNET (opens in new tab) reports that Apple's support discussion forum (opens in new tab) is filled - 26 pages long at time of publication - with consumers' complaints about the issues they have been experiencing.

Apple has advised users encountering problems with their phone's proximity sensor to perform a restore from backup. If this does not resolve the issue, the company suggests performing a restore and setting up the iPhone 4 as new.