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Verizon Slashes Prices Of Kin Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has slashed the prices of Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two social networking smartphones.

Launched only six weeks ago, the Kin smartphones have failed to perform as well as either Microsoft or Verizon hoped - prompting the massive price cuts.

The Kin One has dropped in price from $129.99 on a two-year contract, to just $29.99 on the same contract, while the price of the Kin Two has been cut from $149.99 to $49.99.

Customers will also need to spend $29 per month or more on a data plan from Verizon Wireless.

Ken Dulaney, wireless analyst for Gartner, stated: “The phone has been undermarketed by Verizon and may suffer from poorly researched phone designs.”

The Kin smartphones have suffered from rumours of bad sales since their release, as well as facing criticism for not supporting third-party applications, and offering poor software and features.

Initial prices for the smartphones were believed to be comparatively high, considering that Microsoft's target customers were children.