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Amazon Raises Kindle Author Royalties to 70 Per Cent

Amazon has increased the royalties paid to authors who publish using its Kindle Digital Text Platform.

Amazon announced on Wednesday royalties that it would increase the royalties paid to authors on the self-publishing platform to 70 per cent, doubling the amount they will receive from each book sale.

The company hopes that the higher royalties will attract more independent publishers and authors to its platform.

Amazon has said that in order to be illegible for the new royalty rates, authors would have to offer their books at a price between $2.99 to $9.99, but authors are able to price their books higher if they wish.

The company has also stated that the price should be 20 per cent less than the lowest list price of the physical version of their book, that the title must be available in all geographical areas where the author has rights, and must support all features of the Kindle store, including text-to-speech capabilities.

The rise brings Amazon in line with Apple's 70 per cent royalty rate for authors. Google's upcoming Editions platform is set to pay a royalty of 63 per cent.