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Android OS 3.0 Gingerbread Rumours Emerge

Details of the forthcoming Android OS 3.0, otherwise known as Gingerbread, have been revealed by the editor of, Eldar Murtazin, during his regular Russian podcast.

Murtazin (opens in new tab) is a well-known figure in the world of mobile phones having grabbed a few exclusives in the past like the first Nokia N900 review. This time around, Unwiredview (opens in new tab) says that he claims to know what the successor to Frozen Yoghurt (FroYo) will look like.

Like Windows Phone 7, the new Android OS will require a 3.5-inch display, a processor clocked at least at 1GHz, 512MB onboard memory and will support screen resolutions of 1280x760 pixels.

This incidentally is not only way higher than Apple's latest iPhone 4 smartphone (which sports a 3.5-inch screen capable of displaying 960x640 pixels), but would also make of Android, the first mobile platform to offer HD display.

Murtazin says that Gingerbread would be officially released mid October 2010 with the first handsets released to market towards the end of the year, initially models towards the top end of the market with the rest using Android 2.x. This could also mean that by the time Apple launches the iPhone 5, Android will already be on v4.

The default user interface will be completely changed with the UX likely to be like te Gallery App on the Google Nexus One smartphone. This will also mean that customised/proprietary user interfaces - the likes of Mediascape, Sense or Motoblur - may be made obsolete.

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