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Apple iAd Mobile Platform Launches in US

Apple is set to officially launch its iAd mobile advertising platform today, according to a report in MediaWeek.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC conference last month that a number of companies, including Sears, Citigroup, and Nissan, had already registered with the system.

Others, including AT&T, Best Buy, and Chanel are expected to register with iAds at the time of launch.

iAd already faces severe criticism from rivals, who are now calling for intervention from US regulators to investigate whether Apple will restrict third parties from placing adverts on its platform.

The new system is expected to go on release in the United Kingdon in September this year, and is set to be sold by Apple-owned mobile advertiser Quattro Wireless.

"It's all about helping our developers make some money with advertising. We think most mobile advertising really sucks. We thought we might be able to make some contributions," said Steve Jobs during its launch in San Francisco.