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Apple Sued Over iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Two iPhone 4 owners from Maryland have filed a lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, Computer World (opens in new tab) has reported.

The lawsuit, filed by Kevin McCaffrey and Linda Wrinn in the federal court of Maryland, alleges that Apple and AT&T knowingly sold defective goods and accuses the companies of negligence, as well as false and misleading trade practices and promotional activities.

“Plaintiffs have experienced numerous dropped calls and, as a result, Plaintiffs are left with a device that cannot be used for the normal purpose and in the normal manner in which such devices are intended to be used,” the lawsuit reads (opens in new tab), adding:"Plaintiffs are unable to return the phone without incurring a substantial restocking fee."

The lawsuit is aiming to achieve class-action status, allowing any affected iPhone 4 user to join the case.

The iPhone 4 has suffered from a number of issues since its launch, with the antenna problems appearing to affect the greatest number of people.

Apple has since advertised for new RF system validation engineers, saying that they must have "strong problem-solving skills and strong working knowledge of radiation performance".

"Antenna and wave propagation theoretical background is essential," the ad specified.