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EU Caps Mobile Roaming Data Charges

The European Commission's today brought into force new limits on roaming mobile data charges, aiming to prevent users from running up large mobile bills while travelling abroad.

The new rules will mean that users will be automatically cut off when their data charges reach to €50 (£41).

Travellers in Europe will also be informed by their service provider when their data usage bill reaches €40 in a month.

Users may set their own cut-off point with their service providers, should they wish for a different limit.

The law comes after repeated complaints from users who came home to large bills after returning from their travels, having exceeded their data download limits abroad.

Mobile data usage has shot up with the increasing popularity of smartphones and data-intensive applications such as Skype and online video streaming services.

EU telecom commissioner Neelie Kroes, told the Financial Times that the price caps were not only for the benefit of the consumers, but helped to regulate competition in the EU.