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Facebook Increases Privacy Control Over Third-Party Apps

Facebook has released a new feature that will allow users greater control over what personal information can be accessed by third-party applications.

The new permissions on the platform are a sign that Facebook is trying to please privacy agencies and governments by introducing more 'transparency' to the platform.

The company said in a blog post that third-party applications will first have to explicitly ask the user for permission to link to their profiles.

They would then have to specify exactly what information they will access from the user's profile, such as basic information, photos, videos or friend list data.

Writing on the blog, Bret Taylor, Facebook's chief technology officer, wrote: “With this new authorisation process, when you log into an application with your Facebook account, the application will only be able to access the public parts of your profile by default.”

This new measure has found approval with privacy groups, who have previously criticised the social network for its loose privacy settings in the past.