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Facetime On iPhone 4 Won't Work Says CEO Of 3 UK

Kevin Russell, the CEO of mobile phone operator 3 UK, has admitted that he's not a great believer when it comes to video conferencing and the use of the iPhone 4's just released FaceTime application.

Speaking at an event marketing the launch of the One Plan tariff, Russell said that UK consumers were still not heating up to the prospects of making video calls, something that Italians, for example, were fairly comfortable with.

Furthermore, Facetime is limited to Wi-Fi currently but 3 UK already has a small gadget called Mi-Fi which is a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot powered by 3G.

Another more serious restriction is that Facetime is limited to the iPhone 4 for the time being and is not compatible with other phones.

In related news, 3 UK also confirmed that the iPhone 4 will be available on the network by the end of the month because of very limited availability.

However, the iPhone 3GS appears to be widely available although there doesn't seems to be much demand for it.