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Game Taking Preorders For The Microsoft Kinect

Online gaming retailer Game is not taking any bets with the Kinect and has become one of the first online retailers to take preorders on the Kinect for a refundable deposit of £10.

Microsoft has yet to announce the release date of the Kinect and if the £10 guarantee that the deposit customer will be first in the queue when the Kinect launches.

Earlier today, we reported about another online retailer, Shopto, who had started to take preorders of the Kinect for a rather high selling price of £124.86..

This is surprisingly high given that Microsoft has yet to announce the price of the accessory officially, Microsoft lists the price of the Kinect on its site as $149.99 but says that the price is subject to change.

Shopto has also started to sell a number of Kinect ready games including Dance Central and Star Wars for prices varying between £39.84 and £44.85.

The Xbox 360 Slim currently costs £185 at Shopto (suggested retail price of £200) and $299 in the US, we're therefore inclined to believe that Microsoft will sell the Kinect for roughly £100 all inclusive which corresponds to the price at which the peripheral is sold at Gamesbasement.