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Hulu Plus Will Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

Online video streaming Hulu Plus will only be available to PlayStaion 3 (PS3) users with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

IT mag PC World reports that the Hulu Plus platform will be available only to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The PlayStation Plus subscription service costs $50 for a year, or $18 for three months.

The news came to light when IT blog Technologizer's Jared Newman performed a Google search for Hulu Plus, leading him to the Hulu Plus device page.

The devices page is reportedly not available on the official website.

The search result text read: “The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. Note: you must be a subscriber of the PlayStation Plus Network.”

This means that users would not only have to pay for a PS Plus subscription, but would also have to pay an extra $10 for Hulu Plus.

Gaming rival Microsoft has stated that owners of its Xbox 360 games console will not require an Xbox 360 Gold subscription to access Hulu Plus.