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MeeGo Baseline Source Code Released

The baseline source code for the MeeGo operating system has been released to developers as part of 'Day 1' of the MeeGo Handset User Experience project.

Developers will now be able to play with the platform's source code and utilise the touchscreen functionality offered by the platform.

MeeGo (opens in new tab) platform is based on open-source Linux and is capable of running on an array of devices including smartphones, netbooks, media phones and internet-enabled TVs.

The platform has been developed by merging Intel's Moblin platform with Nokia's Maemo, and is aimed at creating a mobile ecosystem to rival those of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android operating systems.

In a statement, Nokia spokesperson Karen Lachtanski said (opens in new tab): “Today, the MeeGo project marks Day 1 for the MeeGo Handset User Experience project. Beginning today, handset-specific source code currently under development toward the MeeGo v1.1 for Handsets release (expected Q4 2010) will be opened to the developer community to access, contribute to and participate in.”