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MeeGo mobile operating system demoed

The joint venture mobile operating system by Nokia and Intel has just been given a public viewing on an actual working mobile phone, with aspects of its expected feature set seen that will likely be in the final version.

Nokia’s new N Series platform has been detailed on a developers preview build, running on an open source Aava Mobile handset. The code is still being actively developed in version 1.1, which is scheduled for an October release but as to when the OS will be finally deployed to an actual Nokia device hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The team behind the MeeGo IU are creating the handset reference user experience, along with design principles and interaction guidelines at the moment with the screen shot and subsequent video showing all their hard work.

Under the heading of “Day 1” of the MeeGo handset user experience project, team MeeGo has listed elements that could be seen and used in the final UI. These are the items such as the status bar, clock, network, Bluetooth, 3G connection, notifications, and battery charge. Along with the home screen, lock screen, application launcher and virtual keyboard with apps such as the dialer, SMS, browser, contacts, and photo viewer.

If the video below is anything to go by, this OS looks very promising and one that could possibly rival Android if properly utilised fully by developers.


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