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Microsoft Kinect Pre-orders Disappointing?

Microsoft might have made a major mistake by pricing the Microsoft Kinect as high as $149, a price that means that the peripheral could well carry a suggested retail price of around £129.99 in the UK.

Shopto has already started to list the device for £124.86 here with a launch date expected on the 19th of November.

Its CEO, Igor Cipolletta, told Eurogamer that the price of the device is way too high and that it should not cost more than £70 given the current economic conditions.

He added that pre-orders, at least for Shopto, are currently very low.

At £125, the Kinect would be priced too close to Microsoft's own Xbox 360 gaming console and the Nintendo Wii console which features some of the Kinect functionality.

Microsoft has yet to publish more pricing details about the Kinect but Shopto's CEO came up with some pretty convincing moves. He said that the Kinect will not be bundled initially with the new Xbox 360 Slim and that those who preordered the peripheral will get it for the listed price.

Although £125 might seem high for a game peripheral, some were quick to point out that Microsoft hasn't started any consumer marketing campaigns yet and since up to six players can use the Kinect with full body and voice control, it might pay for itself quickly if you've got a big team of players.

Shopto's shop description also gives some more information about the package itself. It will be able to track up to 20 joints (or body parts) simultaneously per person (that's 120 in all), will come with one game and will require up to 175MB of free space for installation.