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Microsoft Releases PivotViewer Data Analysis Tool

Software giant Microsoft has released the PivotViewer data visualisation software for its Silverlight platform.

The tool, developed by Microsoft's LiveLabs, provides sophisticated tools for users to visualise data, making complex data more manageable and easier to analyse.

Microsoft explained: “PivotViewer lets us present thousands of things at once and visualise them in a way that exposes value from the group. PivotViewer experiences range in complexity to build. All involve the creation of a collection.”

In a video posted by the company, Brett Brewer, a member of the team that designed the tool, says that PivotViewer aims to offer its content as the user interface, not as menus or controls.

The technology, demoed at the recently held TechEd conference, will allow the users to summarise and visualise embedded data, letting them access particular sections of the visualisation so that they view it in more detail.