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News@5:iAd Launch, Firefox home & iPhone Antenna Lawsuit

Apple is set to officially launch its iAd mobile advertising platform today, according to a report in MediaWeek. Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC conference last month that a number of companies, including Sears, Citigroup, and Nissan, had already registered with the system.

Two iPhone 4 owners from Maryland have filed a lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, Computer World has reported. The lawsuit alleges that Apple and AT&T knowingly sold defective goods and accuses the companies of negligence, as well as false and misleading trade practices and promotional activities.

Yahoo has announced that it has partnered with IBM to expand its customer service operations in the Middle East and Europe. IBM is to offer multilingual customer care services for Yahoo’s products from its Cairo-based service delivery centre.

Firefox creator, the Mozilla Project, has submitted a new application, Firefox Home, to the Apple App Store for testing on Wednesday, tech web site Beta News has reported.

The winner of our Apple iPad Accessories competition is Sharon Lee, who wanted the iPad accessories for her boyfriend whose birthday is incidentally coming up very soon. When we contacted her, she told us that she was in shock before adding that she was actually shaking at the very idea of having won the prize.