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Orange Criticises ASA Decision Over Banned Ad

The decision by Advertising Standards Authority to ban Oranges's advertising that states that its 3G network covers more people than anyone else has caused the mobile phone operator to come out fighting.

Orange said in a statement (via NMA) that "While we accept the ASA’s ruling, we feel this decision effectively gags us, and the rest of the industry, from talking about our networks as according to the ASA as our claims are not directly comparable."

The original complaint was submitted by 3 UK who argued that it had in fact a bigger network coverage than Orange. Surprisingly though, the ASA ruled against Orange based on the fact that the data provided by both parties could not be compared.

But while Orange has on been banned from putting forward any claims about being the biggest 3G network by population, this has not been the case for 3 UK, a decision that the France Telecom owned network says is absurd. Anyway, T-Mobile will soon merge with Orange which should give them the biggest network coverage in the UK.