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Palm docks with HP mothership

Today marks the first day of what could become a wonderful relationship between plucky little PDA pioneer Palm and the biggest technology company in the world, Hewlett Packard.

As we roll into the third quarter of 2010, Palm officially becomes part of HP and a blog post by Palm's Jom Ziber suggests that the combination of Palm's innovative IP and HP's manufacturing clout could see the partnership producing some intriguing products. Ziber remains tight lipped about what those products might be but it's clear that he sees the acquisition as a major step forward for the troubled brand.

"It’s our first day together, but it’s already abundantly clear to everyone who’s been involved in bringing the two companies together that great things are in store," he writes. "The combination of Palm’s trailblazing webOS and HP’s strength as the leading provider of everything from PCs, laptops, and printers to home electronics and enterprise systems promises an amazing roadmap of new tools for your mobile and web-connected future."

Being swallowed up by a global megacorporation doesn't seem to have dampened Palm's enthusiasm for it's customers and well known policy of listening and reacting to those who buy its devices either.

"We’ve got a few ideas about what that future will look like, and we’ll share details as soon as we can," enthuses Ziber. "A big part of that future will be shaped by you, the Palm community of customers, developers, and enthusiasts. We welcome your ideas and feedback - even your constructive criticism."