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Three launches One Plan

Mobile phone network Three has launched its smartphone friendly ‘One Plan’ tariff squarely aimed at mobiles that use lots of bandwidth, at a lower cost. The tariff starts from £25 a month, with a 1GB data allowance - which is usually double the amount seen elsewhere and at the same cost.

This tariff also has bundled in 2000 minutes to any network, with 5000 more to call other Three customers and 5000 texts – all from £25 a month. The One Plan is for a standard SIM or even a micro-SIM at 12 months or a 24 month contract, escalating in value if there’s a new phone attached where there is also a 6 months free Spotify Premium account included.

Three highlight on the One Plan, someone could check Facebook more than 65,000 times, watch up to 30-minutes a day of YouTube each month and send more than 1,000 texts a week. Also, speak for more than one hour every day to anyone on another network, along with calling for more than two-hours a day other Three phone numbers – all at the same cost.

This does appear to be the most comprehensive smartphone plan to date, and one that gives the other networks a real run for their money – especially where the iPhone 4 is concerned and its data allowance. Three believe this tariff is the start of the flat-plan tariffs, which many networks will start to adopt in the future.

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