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Apple To Launch Cloud-Based iTunes

Apple is rumoured to be on the verge of announcing a cloud-based version of iTunes, allowing users to sync and access their music files over an internet connection.

Citing reliable sources within Apple, tech blog Boy Genius Report claims that the cloud version of iTunes could be making its way into the market a lot sooner than anticipated.

BGR reports that the new cloud-based iTunes will allow Apple users to stream music and film files from Apple servers to their desktops and mobile devices.

The new service is also set to allow users to stream media files from their home computer to other computers and remote devices, and will be able to wirelessly synchronise devices.

The blog explained that the new iTunes service was designed to limit the use of local storage, allowing users to stream content they have purchased from Apple, directly from its servers.

Similarly, Apple's cloud will let users manage and distribute their media collections between different devices.

The source also hinted at two new Apple products being launched, with camera and camcorder abilities, to complement the new iTunes.