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Comment : Facetime Success Depends On iPhone 4 Rivals

The comments made by Kevin Russell, CEO of 3 UK, about the chances of Facetime to succeed as a video conferencing medium are legitimate as the feature is currently only available on the iPhone 4 and use Wi-Fi rather than 3G.

Nate Lanxon from Wired also reckons that video calling on the iPhone 4 stands a good chance of becoming more popular if it is made widely available on the PC (as in laptops & desktops).

Skype has already confirmed that it doesn't mind adding Facetime compatibility within its iPhone app especially as Facetime has been pushed forward by Apple as an open platform from day one.

Apple needs to build more bridges and that could mean working with Google and some of its fiercest rivals (Nokia, Samsung) to get Facetime on as many devices as possible. Otherwise, Facetime on the smartphone will remain nothing more than a nice addon.

But beyond this, there's not much that can be done given that video calls, especially at high resolutions, tend to consume much more bandwidth and are much more sensitive to lags and high latency compared to other applications like video streaming.

Lastly, we're convinced that Apple will release a desktop client for Facetime, a certainty given that all Apple laptops, Mac desktops and Apple displays come with built-in iSight camera, mic and speakers.